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“As the foreground conditions become worse, as the snoolish destruction and poisoning of Earth and its inhabitants and surroundings escalates to a state that can appear irreversible, our Guides draw nearer and Call women with urgency. Particularly loud and pleading are the Voices of animals, whose victimization and suffering at the hands of the rakes and rippers of patriarchy are similar in many ways to the rape, battering, torture, and massacre of women. ” Mary Daly, The Wickedary

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Manipulators in the Microcosm; Patriarchy in the Macrocosm

Was reading The Narcissist’s Playbook, and found these quotes, the last paragraph of which especially really reminded me of how it is when you try to talk to men about women’s oppression – “…if solutions-oriented communication isn’t effective at solving the issue, then you aren’t dealing with someone who is looking for a solution”. “TheContinue reading “Manipulators in the Microcosm; Patriarchy in the Macrocosm”

Women Crying When Angry

Just saw this post on FDS, and what she’s saying is basically what I believed for a long time. First off, I hate to say it, but this “women want emotional comfort” vs “men want sexual ‘comfort’” thing isn’t what I think of when I think of the concept of double binds. When I thinkContinue reading “Women Crying When Angry”

Dalyisms from Pure Lust, 1

Sorry if it seems sloppy, and if I misquoted a bit. Typing up my handwritten notes, which may include some paraphrases, rather than authentic quotes, into the digital. Found the following particularly significant : “Terrifying and murderous manmade memories repress women’s actual memory, which is of emotional significance.” She refers to men as snuffers (ofContinue reading “Dalyisms from Pure Lust, 1”

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